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    Important Information - 647 Bolton Goldthorpe Bus Service

    The SYPTE (South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive) have announced that, as of 3 September, the Marsland Travel 647 Bolton/Goldthorpe bus service will no longer be operating for Wath Comprehensive School students.  Due to lack of numbers the service has become uneconomical to run. This service will be put out to tender for any other operator to provide the service - if another operator isn't found students will have to use alternative local bus services.

    AM: From Barnsley Road at 0735 on service 226 to Doncaster Road in Wath and then walk to school. Arrive at school at approximately 0808.

    PM: From Wath Comprehensive, walk to Doncaster Road, service 226 departs 1502, arrives at Highgate at 1532.

    If you have any further queries, please contact  or ring 01709 515151.