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    Admissions and Y6 to Y7 Transition


    From September 2018 the School’s Standard Number (the maximum intake figure each year) is 330. The school has a defined ‘catchment area’, and students living within it have priority for admissions. Parents of students attending schools beyond this 'catchment area' and beyond the Local Authority boundary can choose this school; the Local Authority allocates places usually on the  proximity of home to the school, though other reasons for reference are considered e.g. brothers or sisters already here, special provision at the school etc.

    The school is fully comprehensive: academic ability is not a criterion for admission. Parents whose choice of the school for their child is rejected can appeal to the Local Authority. Allocation of places are the responsibility of the Local Authority and not the school.  The school has an open access Sixth Form, and students select an appropriate pathway in consultation with the Head of Sixth Form.

    Rotherham Council's school application information can be found on their website by searching for "secondary application" or by following this link.

    Y6 to Y7 Transition

    The transition from primary to secondary school is important in the lives of children and their families. At Wath Comprehensive School we have a robust system to ensure all students will have a successful transition and to help students and parents minimise anxiety about the change.

    We want all students who choose Wath Comprehensive School to get used to their new routines and school organisation with great ease; develop new friendships and improve their self-esteem and confidence. By providing a wider choice of subjects, we intend to extend their interest in school and school work. We aim to enrich students’ learning experience in secondary education by providing them with opportunities and challenges, along with the practical skills and knowledge to be confident in fully accessing these post-transition. We will ensure that students will have the tools and emotional resilience to manage this transition. We will make sure all students will continue to make academic progress, to achieve and to enjoy learning. As a result, students’ motivation, positive attitudes and self-image as learners are maintained and developed.

    The staff involved are;

    Mrs Sharkey: Assistant Headteacher – KS3 Curriculum Provision & Outcomes
    Mrs Edmondson: SENCO
    Mrs Stone-Riley: Assistant SENCO
    Miss Roebuck: Behaviour Support Manager
    Mrs Drake: Transition / TA Support
    Mr Senior: Key Stage 3 Manager
    And our Pastoral Team

    Open Evening

    Y6 Parent Open Evening

    Thurs 11th October 2018


    4.00pm to 6.30pm

    A Year 6 Open Evening has been arranged for Thursday 11 October 2018 between 4.00pm to 6.30pm to meet with Mrs Sharkey, Mr Taylor (Headteacher) and Mr Sutton (CEO Maltby Learning Trust) as well as having the opportunity to visit all the different subject areas in the school where lots of activities will be taking place.

    Members of the Senior Leadership Team and staff involved in the care, guidance and support of young people at the School will also be available on the evening.

    In addition to the Open Evening, we have scheduled a number of planned visits to the school during the school day.  Following requests from a number of parents in our primary schools, we thought you would welcome the opportunity to see the School at work.

    Y6 Parent Open Days

    Weds 17th October 2018  & Thurs 18th October 2018


    9.00am to 10.15am & 1.15pm to 2.30pm

    Transition Period & Welcome Evening

    A transition period for children who have been allocated a place at Wath Comprehensive School for September 2019 entry will take place in the Summer Term of 2019. The dates for this transition period are set out below.

    The transition period is an opportunity for the Y6 students to make new friends, meet our staff, and become familiar with the workings of the school day. Staff from school will make arrangements with your child’s primary school to visit and meet students in person before the transition period begins. This will include a transferral of academic and pastoral information from the primary schools. Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator will also work closely with your primary schools to obtain relevant information to support your child's learning. In addition, a Welcome Evening for parents and carers will be held where they can meet the Head Teacher, the Academic and Pastoral Year Leaders and their child’s form tutor. The date for this can be seen below.

    Key Dates

    Y6 Transition Day

    (for students out of catchment area / non feeder schools)

    Y6 Transition Day 1

    (all students)

    Y6 Transition Day 2

    (all students)

    Y6 Welcome Meeting

    (parents and carers)

     Wednesday 3rd July

    8.20am to 2.45pm

    Thursday 4th July

    8.20am to 2.45pm

    Friday 5th July

    8.20am to 2.45pm

    Monday 8th July

    6.00pm to 7.30pm

    Information about bus services to and from our school can be found in the Contact Us section of our website.