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    Admissions and Y6 to Y7 Transition


    The School’s Standard Number (the maximum intake figure each year) is 300, and since it has been set we have been regularly over-subscribed. In the 2010 school year, the total number of applicants considered was 850. The school has a defined ‘catchment area’, and students living within it have priority for admissions. Parents of students attending schools beyond this 'catchment area' and beyond the Local Authority boundary can choose this school; the Local Authority allocates places usually on the  proximity of home to the school, though other reasons for reference are considered e.g. brothers or sisters already here, special provision at the school etc.

    The school is fully comprehensive: academic ability is not a criterion for admission. Parents whose choice of the school for their child is rejected can appeal to the Local Authority. Allocation of places are the responsibility of the Local Authority and not the school. Prior to applications and statements of preference being made later in the Autumn term, parents who are considering the school are welcome to visit it by appointment to look around and discuss with the  headteacher any questions they may like to raise. The school has an open access Sixth Form, and students select an appropriate pathway in consultation with the Head of Sixth Form.

    Rotherham Council's school application information can be found on their website by searching for "secondary application" or by following this link. Its school admissions guideline document is available for download here.

    Y6 to Y7 Transition

    September can be an exciting and nervous time for Year 7 students and parents alike. We do our best to make the change from primary to secondary school as easy as possible. Students may be familiar with some members of staff from Wath Comprehensive School as they visit our local primary schools and talk to the Year 6 pupils.

    The important thing to remember is that most children in Year 7 feel nervous on their first day at their secondary school. It doesn't take long to get used to new routines and make new friends.

    In September, around 300 students come to school from our local feeder schools and from outside the Wath catchment area.

    The process of moving from primary to secondary education is one of gradual familiarisation, this includes;

    • Visits to all primary schools from our transition staff.
    • A transferral of academic and pastoral information from the primary schools.
    • Meetings with key staff from Wath Comprehensive School to discuss any concerns / additional support required.
    • Visits to Wath Comprehensive School from the Y6 pupils during 3 induction days.
    • A meeting for all parents at the beginning of July where they can meet the Headteacher, the Academic and Pastoral Year Leaders and their child’s form tutor.

    SEN students and students with additional needs will also receive further help to ensure they integrate our school successfully.  Extra integration days and bespoke visits to school will be organised by Mrs Morley and Miss Elden who will liaise with the primary schools.

    Key Dates

    • Y6 Transition Days where students visit and have classes at Wath Comprehensive School will take place on Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th June 2018.
    • Y6 Parents' Evening will be on Monday 2nd July 2018 at 6.30pm.
      • The uniform shop will be open on Monday 2nd July from 4.40pm till 6:15pm.
    • Provisionally, our open days for parents of September 2019 entry students will be during September 2018. 

    Information about bus services to and from our school can be found in the Contact Us section of our website.

    Meet the Team

    In school there are lots of new teachers and support staff. Here are some you will meet or may already know.

    Mrs Morley
    Academic Leader Transition

    Miss Elden
    Year 6 Integration Coordinator