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    Comment and Opinion

    The Beast from the East

    By Lauren Williams, Year 9

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    At the end of February and start of March, the UK faced one of its biggest snowstorms in years, when two massive storms collided, one of which being named, “The Beast from the East”, the other, “Storm Emma”.

    On Thursday 1st March, countless amounts of schools were closed throughout the country, as the snow settled on British roads the night before, leaving many people stranded on the icy roads and streets. Red and amber warnings were issued throughout the country.

    These amazing yet dangerous conditions brought much excitement to many children, with lots of people getting their sledges out and even skis and baking trays as substitutes for those who didn’t have sledges.

    However, some incredible dangers were faced. Some stories of heroism have been reported throughout the country, with people from surrounding towns and villages delivering supplies to those stranded on the roads and motorways. Despite the wonderful stories this snow has brought us, it is important to remember how dangerous it could be.

    Winter Olympic Roundup

    By Daniel Nutley, Year 9

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    As you might already know, the 2018 Winter Olympics have recently taken place in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

    Winter sports are ever increasing in popularity and this February has seen the world’s best compete to gain a coveted Olympic gold medal. It has been a fantastic testament to winter sports and captured the imagination of millions around the world with many fantastic moments coming from it.

    Here is a compilation of all the best bits from team GB in the Winter Olympics 2018! 

    The Great Britain team have finished with a total of 5 medals in this games; four of those being bronze and one being a gold. Three GB medals have come in the crazy sport of skeleton with the other two in freestyle skiing and snowboarding respectively.

    Let’s start from the top and the gold medal: Lizzy Yarnold added a second Olympic medal to her collection, retaining her Olympic gold from four years ago in Sochi. Skeleton is a sliding sport where a competitor lies face forward on a sled and hurtles down a twisting turning track at speeds of over 80 mph. Lizzy Yarnold completed the track quicker than anyone else and became the first athlete to retain successive Winter Olympic golds.

    In the same race, colleague Laura Deas shared the podium with her Olympic champion friend Lizzy Yarnold, winning one of Great Britain’s bronze medals.

    From one skeleton bronze to another, Dom Parsons opened Great Britain Pyeongchang medal accounts on 16th February. His wasn’t, however, a comfortable third position as, until the final run, he didn’t look in contention for a medal. It was only when fourth placed Martin Dukurs made multiple mistakes on his final run that GB’s Dom Parsons edged his way onto the medal podium 0.11 seconds ahead of Dukurs.

    The next bronze medal for Team GB came in the women’s ski slopestyle with Izzy Atkin. Izzy Atkin has British and Malaysian parents and is based in America. The amazing thing about this medal is that she is only 19 years old, so perhaps in future, she might win a Gold.

    Finally, Billy Morgan won bronze in the men's snowboarding big air, to secure GB’s fifth medal.  Five may not sound impressive compared to the 67 won at the summer Olympics in Rio two years ago; however, for a country that hardly ever has any wintery conditions (despite recent weather!), I think five medals is pretty good going. The team GB winter Olympic team also shows great potential for the future so who knows where winter sports in Great Britain will be in 4 years.

    Motorbike Season

    By Lucille Lowery, Year 8

    It’s motorbike season and bikes all around the world are revving up as the weather warms. You’ll see a ton of bikes about, some you didn’t even know existed. Personally, Ducatis are my favourite but a Kawasaki Ninja does look good, as well as being comfortable.

    Motorbikes are sometimes annoying and loud but seem really fun. Statistically, it is 27% more dangerous riding a motorbike than driving a car. But I’d still take the risk. Anyhow, companies are making tech that makes the bike safer: in 2015, there were studies on motorbikes that says that safer tech made riding 31% safer and accidents wouldn’t cause as many severe injuries and deaths. In the future, bike manufacturers are also going to release environmentally safe motorbikes. Cars are already doing it, and so motorbike manufacturers are.

    When driving, always look out your windows, don’t get annoyed by them and just keep calm when they’re around.  Understand that they can get easily angered, because dangerous driving could kill them.

    Stay safe and watch out for the bikes…