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    Comment and Opinion

    How to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Summer Heat!

    By Ellisia Bowman, Year 7

    It’s going to be hot this summer with the heatwaves and while we are feeling the heat so are out pets, so here are some tips to keep your fluffy friend cool!

    This is obvious but it is still happening everywhere: NEVER (EVER!) leave your pet in the car! Temperatures can rise quickly and can overheat your pet.

    Ice blocks can also cool them down. It’s easy to make too! Get a mould and fill it with water then freeze it! Easy to make and can cool your pet down.

    We all need sun cream to avoid us getting sunburn and so do our pets! Rub pet safe lotion onto the exposed parts on their skin. Don’t forget to put it on the tips of their ears and feet!

    Exercise is important for your pet but with this heat, the pavements can get warm. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your pet’s paw. You’ll know if their feet are burnt as they start to limp or refuse to walk; the pads are also darker or damaged.

    Keep an eye on where your pets are, especially cats, so they don’t end up in hot greenhouses or sheds.

    If you have fish, lizards or birds, their cages and tanks should be kept away from direct sunlight.

    No pets? Well, you can still help animals in the heat. You can help wildlife in your garden by putting out fresh cold water for drinking or even to take a dip!

    Attack of the Clones: The Worst Star Wars Movie?

    By Jacob Linney, Year 8

    The prequel trilogy has been has been said to be the worst series of films in the Star Wars franchise, but the most hated movie is widely acknowledged to be Attack of the Clones. But just because it’s a popular opinion doesn’t mean it’s true, does it? Well, in this article, I will be pointing out the pros and cons in this movie. Let’s start with the cons: first off, Hayden Christensen’s character Anakin Skywalker is in a secret relationship with Natalie Portman’s character Padme Amidala, but it feels forced, which makes the movie feel very awkward at times with scenes that are meant to be heart touching but instead just feels cringy and boring.

    Moving on, the CGI is worse than any other movie in the prequel trilogy. To go along with this, most of the fight/ battle scenes rely on a green screen which makes the background look unrealistic and the characters don’t fit in the environment, especially when Force wielders like Jedi and Sith look like CGI rag dolls jumping around like flies. Anyway, that is all the cons that I have identified. We’ll save the pros of the film until the next article after the summer!