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    Media and Review

    Book Review: JK Rowlings Wizarding World: Movie Magic by Jodie Revenson

    Reviewed by Sidney Coote, Year 8

    This non-fiction book contains everything about how JK Rowling’s amazing books are turned into popular and enchanting films. The first section is about Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and looks at the character and locations in the film. Part two contains the information on the Harry Potter movies and follows a similar format. The characters are in chronological order as they appear in the books, for example, beginning with Harry Potter, The Dursleys, Ron Weasley, Hermione, Kings Cross station...

    A typical page such as the one on Harry Potter, gives you some background information and facts about behind the scenes. There are photographs from the films, examples of storyboards, drawings of costumes and sets. I found the part about Lord Voldemort most interesting because it gave facts about how Voldemort’s nose was created. It took six hours just to do his face!

    There are hundreds of pictures which help bring the movie to life. This might perhaps spoil the magic for instance when it explains how Neville Longbottom takes off on his broom, he is actually perched on a crane!

    There are also quotes from the actors themselves throughout. The layout is bright and colourful. It is not too difficult to understand; however, some of the vocabulary is complex. I think this book would suit people who have seen the films and read the books. Personally, I have read all the books and this gives me some inside information which adds to the magic!

    TV Review: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Reviewed by Emily Rodgers, Year 7

    I class this television programme as one of the best, it is available on Netflix and I'm hooked. The first series was released last year, covering half of the book series. The newest series was released at the start of January, after being greatly anticipated.

    The series covers the life of the Baudelaire children, it is heart wrenching and tear provoking as they seem to find new ways to make you attached to characters and then cruelly dispose of them. Even the theme song itself is telling you to ‘look away’ because ‘this show will ruin your evening, your whole life and your day’ and that ‘every single episode is nothing but dismay’. Overall, I would recommend watching this, if you are willing to emotionally invest yourself in it.

    The Truth about the Wolves in Beauty and the Beast

    By Emily Balaiss, Year 11

    In Beauty and the Beast, we know everything that happened to everyone who lived in the castle: the prince got turned into the beast, Lumiere got turned into a candle, Cogswarth got turned into a clock and Mrs. Potts got turned into a teapot, just to name a few. But what isn't explained, is what happened to the women dressed in white at the beginning of the film.

    Have you ever noticed that the wolves in Beauty and the Beast only appear once or twice in the film? When Maurice is travelling at the beginning of the film, he diverts to the Beasts’ castle after a flash of lightning knocks down a tree so the wolves don’t attack him. And then just after that, when Belle goes to the castle, the wolves don’t attack, but then later when Belle tries to escape, the wolves come out to attack her. Coincidence? I think not. I think that the wolves are the women dressed in white at the beginning of the film.

    Let me explain, at the beginning of the film, the narrator tells us that that the enchantress places a spell on the castle and all who lives there. Although it is not said that the women dressed in white live in the castle like Mrs. Potts and Chip, but if they did live there, it would make sense that they were the wolves guarding the castle because they would try and stop anyone they thought to be the Beast’s ‘true love’ just like they try and stop Belle from leaving the castle by attacking her. And they don’t attack Maurice when he is going to the castle because the wolves know that he will have something to do with breaking the curse. Also, the women dressed in white appear at the beginning and at the end, when the beast is a human, because the women in white got turned into the wolves who guard the castle.