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    Media and Review

    Film Review: Maze Runner: The Death Cure

    By Molly Hammerton, Year 10

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    (Warning: May contain spoilers)

    As any Maze Runner fan will know, the films don’t follow the books very well, if at all. I mean, let’s face it, The Scorch Trials film wasn’t a trial, it was more of a trek. But, nevertheless, the films are amazing in their own way, and The Death Cure is definitely no exception. Laughs, tears and jump scares were all featured in the film as well as a few heart wrenching moments between Thomas and Teresa.

    The film begins with Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Jorge and Brenda hijacking a WCKD (or in the books WICKED) transport train filled with new immunes, including Minho, to be used to find a cure for the ‘Flare’ - the virus that is destroying the world. This scene is action packed and sets the movie off with a flying start, which it carries through for the rest of the plot. After capturing the transports container, they realise that Minho is not there and has in fact been taken to the Last City (a pretty self-explanatory name). In response, Newt, Thomas and Frypan travel there in order to save their friend.

    On the way, they encounter cranks, criminals and old friends in an attempt to free Minho from WCKD’s awful experimentation. Also, they experience heartbreak as tragedy strikes at the heart of the group (and if you can’t guess what that is but you have read the books, I’ll give you a hint: page 250).

    Overall, this final film in the trilogy is an adventure of action, tears and shocks. It is an amazing homage to the book and if it can bring me to tears, it really is incredible. Unfortunately, it is no longer in the cinema but I would advise you to buy it once it comes out on DVD.

    Book Review: 我的低能之道

    By Ngai Wa Yeun, Year 7

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    The book I recommend is called 我的低能之道 (translated to English: My Stupid Road). One of the reasons is that it’s very funny and I believe you will laugh for at least two days. Secondly, the author sympathises with the reader and it’s really attractive and it’s makes you read on.

    One of my favourite chapters is  '做咩令積極' (‘Why Are They So Motivated?’), which is about the girl character’s office which is normal, filled with tired workers and boring situations. One day, the people inside were really working and trying hard in the office. The girl wonders why they are so motivated and it is because the typhoon is coming and they’ll have their time to rest and chill!

    That makes me laugh all day so I really recommends it (and it will make you increase your knowledge of Cantonese!).

    Descendants 3 is Confirmed!

    By Charlotte Ting, Rebeka Brinkus and Olivia Storey, Year 9 and Emily Balaiss, Year 10

    If you haven’t heard, a third film of the Descendants franchise is happening! We’re definitely excited! Due to the second film gaining more than 71.5 million total viewers across 159 countries and the Descendants 2 soundtrack being the #1 album on iTunes, there was a high demand for a third Descendants on almost every social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

    We don’t know a lot about the upcoming film, set to be released in the summer of 2019, but we do know that there will be an Isle of the Lost graphic novel coming this August and an Isle of the Lost novel leading up to Descendants 3 next May, as confirmed by the author of the previous Descendants novels, Melissa de la Cruz.

    We were given a little teaser on social media that Disney had big news coming, following the first showing of Zombies, their newest DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie). On the poster, you could see a faint logo in the teaser poster that looks a lot like the Descendants’ apple. That’s when during the debut of Zombies, premiering on 16th February 2018, we were given a small teaser, which was Mal (daughter of Maleficent) walking through a dense forest and seeing a bright, blue light, and a faint voice is then heard. That’s when Mal says, “Dad?” indicating we might get to see Mal’s father for once!

    The original cast will be returning for the third time. This includes Dove Cameron as Mal, Sofia Carson as Evie, Booboo Stewart as Jay, Cameron Boyce as Carlos and Mitchell Hope as Ben. China Anne McClain, who starred as Uma in Descendants 2, is also set to return. Sarah Jeffery, who played Audrey in the first Descendants, did not appear in the second film but is set to return.

    Once again, we are very excited to see our favourite characters appear on TV and see the crew fire things up a notch.