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    Media and Review

    Buskers on the Balcony

    By Ngai Wa Yuen, Year 8

    A busker on the balconyOn 27th September, there was a show on the Year 7 balcony, which was very interesting and entertaining. The balcony was all about singing and showing your talent such as the Chinese song ‘全部都是你’ (‘All About You’) and the song ‘Read All About it’. We asked Mr. Morley about the performance on the balcony, who said: “I thought the performers were fantastic and very brave to show their talent in front of all of those students.”

    We also asked Mr Morley a few more questions about future opportunities to be involved. He told us he will be holding buskers’ events in any social area where the audience will behave appropriately and support the students on that were on the balcony. He also told us it is open to any person who can play an instrument, sing or showcase their musical talent in any other way. The show takes about 20-25 minutes which is usually about 5 performers.

    If you are interested, auditions are in F4 every Tuesday lunch time with Mr. Morley. To be selected, students need to come ready to perform a piece of music of their choice. To know more information please ask as Mr. Morley in F4.

    Book Review: Caraval by Stephanie Garber

    By Emily Rodgers, Year 7

    Caraval coverOne of the books I have read recently was the amazing Caraval. The story follows Scarlett and her sister Tella, and describes the way they must deceive their abusive, almost psychopathic father, to prevent him from forcing Scarlett into a marriage with the secretive ‘Count’.

    In order to do this, Scarlett must flee to a small island for the first time with the help of the mysterious sailor, Julian. He whisks her away to the enchanting land of her dreams, one she had only heard of in her grandmother’s stories. This is the land of Caraval, which is run by the magical Legend.

    As soon as they arrive, they run into problems: Tella goes missing, their father is after them and the ‘Count’ is not the gentleman he made himself out to be. A spiral of love, hate, magic, plenty of near-death experiences, lies and exploitation make this a gripping novel. A definite read for Harry Potter fans, and if you want more (like myself), there is a sequel, called Legendary, and Caraval is possibly going to be made into a film.

    If you have read a good book recently, and would like to feature in The Torch newspaper, then why not write a review and give it to Miss Taylor? If you are selected for publication, you will receive ePraise for your writing!

    The Flash Season 5

    By Emily Balaiss, Year 11