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    Staff List

    Wath Comprehensive School is a very large school with a lot of staff. The staff list below is loosely grouped by faculty or department. Select / click on the headings to expand them. It should be noted that staff roles have been a simplified to show only primary duties for clarity; many staff perform a number of roles in school. 

    Key Contacts

    Senior Leadership Team, KSM, AYL and PYL 

    Senior Leadership Team
    Mr J Taylor: Headteacher
    Mr R Powell: Deputy Headteacher
    Mr P McIntosh: Deputy Headteacher
    Mr I Grayel: Assistant Headteacher
    Mrs J Sharkey: Assistant Headteacher
    Mrs T Stevens: Business Manager

    Key Stage Managers    
    Mr P Senior: Key Stage 3 Manager
    Mr S Wesson: Key Stage 4 Manager

    Academic Year Leaders    
    Mr M Taylor: Year 8 AYL
    Mrs D Cartwright / Mr R Oldfield: Year 9 AYL
    Miss L Sheldon: Year 10 AYL
    Mrs E Eyre: Year 11 AYL
    Mr A Hopkin: Year 7 AYL

    Pastoral Year Leaders    
    Mrs G Rooney: Year 8 PYL
    Mr M Bray: Year 9 PYL
    Mrs K Drumgoon: Year 10 PYL
    Mr S Lines: Year 11 PYL
    Miss R Rowe: Year 7 PYL
    Mrs R Jeffcote: Admin / Medical Co-ordinator

    Behaviour Support Unit    
    Miss J Roebuck
    Mrs S Wragg

    Heads of Sixth Form    
    Mr C Shaw: Head of Sixth Form
    Ms J Shaw: Deputy Head of Sixth Form

    Faculty List

    Performing Arts Faculty

    Miss C Anyon: Head of Performing Arts Faculty    

    Mr S McHale: Head of Drama     
    Mrs S Hardwick

    Mrs J Hole: Head of Music
    Mr D Morley

    Miss C Anyon: Head of Dance    
    Miss R Bryce

    Art, Design and Technology Faculty 

    Mr R Kingston: Head of Art, Design & Technology Faculty    
    Mr S Fidler: Head of Art    
    Mrs D Cartwright
    Mrs J Sharkey 
    Mr R Kingston: Head of Technology
    Mrs J Morley
    Mrs R Code
    Mr N Demetriou
    Mr W Tullett
    Mrs M Gracey

    Science Faculty 

    Mrs K Boyd: Head of Science Faculty

    Mrs K Chipchase
    Mrs P Barrass
    Mr N Gibson
    Mrs V Kerr
    Mrs K Boyd
    Mr R Davis
    Mrs L Teather
    Miss J Whitworth
    Mr N Riddle
    Mrs K Edmondson
    Mr A Murphy
    Miss N Grima
    Mr J Bale
    Mrs J Chan
    Mrs C Gruszka    
    Mr S Lowiss
    Mrs R Pritchard
    Mr S Shaw
    Mr I Evans
    Mrs R Gillatt
    Miss L Slasor
    Mrs L Taylor

    Humanities Faculty 

    Mr J Hart: Head of Humanities Faculty

    Mr P Murtagh-Burd: Head of Geography
    Mr N Crownshaw
    Mr J Taylor
    Mr C Minshull
    Mr J Rudkin
    Mr M Jeffries
    Mr M Booth

    Mrs L Champlin: Head of History
    Mr D Allanson
    Miss S Jackson
    Mr N Fawcus
    Mrs N Thewlis
    Mr J Hart
    Mr M Lavender
    Miss F Ridley

    Business ICT Faculty 

    Mrs C Schofield: Head of Business ICT Faculty

    Computer Science
    Mr M Wilby: Head of Computer Science, iMedia & IT
    Mr P Lucey
    Mrs S Cunningham
    Mr C Machon
    Mrs E Dunkerley
    Mrs L Hepworth
    Mr W Tullett
    Mr P Senior

    Business Studies Department
    Mrs C Schofield: Head of Business Studies
    Mr C Machon
    Mr R Powell
    Mr P Senior

    Modern Foreign Languages Faculty 

    Mrs L McAleenan: Head of MFL Faculty

    French Department
    Mr J Mills
    Mr I Grayel
    Mrs M Harrison
    Ms C North
    Mrs I Minshull
    Mrs H Osborn

    Spanish Department
    Mrs C DaCosta: Head of Spanish
    Mrs L McAleenan
    Miss I Fernandez

    German Department
    Mrs E Williamson: Head of German

    English Faculty  

    Mrs G Knowles: Head of English Faculty
    Mr P Bishop
    Miss K Hunter
    Mrs S Doughty
    Ms C Campion
    Miss P Kelly
    Mrs L Demetriou
    Miss C Perry
    Mrs J Eyre
    Miss H Radford
    Miss L Hardeman
    Ms V Shurdhi
    Miss S Hardy
    Mr P Harrison
    Miss E Taylor
    Miss H Storey
    Miss J Moore

    Maths Faculty 

    Mrs S Casey: Head of Maths Faculty
    Mr J Allonby
    Mr S Harper
    Ms V Ashton
    Mr A Millar
    Mr R Marcroft
    Mr D Austin
    Mr D Billups
    Mr S Moore
    Miss A Parramore
    Mr N Dale
    Mrs J Schofield
    Mr J Fleming
    Miss E Hodgson

    PE Faculty 

    Mr J Thompson: Head of PE Faculty
    Miss K Houghton
    Mr R Oldfield
    Mrs S Cunningham
    Mr P McIntosh
    Mr I Evans
    Mr A Gibbins
    Miss L Sheldon
    Mrs L Thompson
    Miss E Greenfield
    Mr M Taylor
    Mr A Hopkin
    Mr S Wesson

    Religion and Social Sciences (RSS) Faculty ;

    Mrs R Gillatt: Head of RSS Faculty
    Mrs S Chabowski
    Miss L Slasor
    Miss K Cooke
    Ms J Shaw
    Mrs S Cunningham
    Mr C Shaw
    Mr D Duffy
    Mrs K Fairman
    Mr M Barlow
    Mrs E Eyre
    Mrs B Heselden
    Mrs L Taylor
    Mrs S Houghton

    Inclusion, Springboard, Teaching Assistants and additional support roles.

    Inclusion Faculty 

    Mrs K Edmonson: Head of Inclusion / SENCO
    Mrs J Stone-Riley
    Mrs K Smallwood
    Mrs E Haigh
    Mrs E King
    Miss A Thomas
    Mrs R Merry

    Physical Sensory Team 

    Mr R Matthews
    Mr M Moore
    Mrs S Newell
    Mrs J Hedge

    KS3 Additional Support

    Mrs L Hepworth: Head of KS3 Additional Support
    Mrs S Chabowski

    Teaching Assistants - In Class Support - Intervention 

    Miss G Bramhall
    Mrs R Owen
    Miss D Elden

    Miss C Eagle
    Mrs C Brooke
    Mr M Edwards
    Ms J Deveaux
    Mrs L Hadwin
    Miss M Hobson
    Miss L Holmes
    Mrs C Wright
    Miss K Wright
    Mrs S Upton
    Mrs S Fenwick

    Miss S Chapman
    Miss J Heeley
    Mrs M Lintern
    Miss A Schofield
    Ms J Webster
    Mr A Drake
    Miss S Edwards

    EBacc Tea m 

    Mr S Lines: Raising Achievement Co-ordinator
    Miss C Howarth
    Mrs E Matthews
    Miss H Pattison
    Mrs K Lines

    Associate Professional Staff

    Administration and Reception   

    Miss S Owen: Administration Support Team Leader
    Miss N Donnelly
    Mrs S Cuckson

    Sixth Form Administration
    Miss H Potts

    Headteacher's PA
    Ms T Sanders

    ICT Support Team   

    Mr Hepworth: ICT Support Team Leader
    Mr I Farmery
    Mr A Staniforth
    Mr J Myers
    Mr E Pringle

    Miss C Nowell

    Data Management
    Mr S Mitchell
    Mrs B Fenton

    ICT Administration
    Mr G Greaves

    D of E and Community   

    Miss S Owen  

    Department Support Assistants   

    Mrs B Ormondroyd
    Miss F Leighton
    Mrs J Jones
    Mrs J Roberts
    Mrs J Williams
    Miss K Richardson
    Mrs L Middleton
    Mrs S Hopkins
    Mrs M Rimmer
    Mr T Wood

    Science Technician Team   

    Mrs B Chafen: Senior Science Technician
    Miss A Bowen
    Miss E Cartledge
    Mrs S Stacey

    Finance Team 

    Mrs T Stevens: Business Manager 
    Miss R Price
    Ms T Nokes
    Mrs A Orr
    Mrs C Hirst
    Mrs B Hawke

    Examinations Team   

    Mrs K Zubrot : Examinations Manager
    Mrs J Palmer

    Attendance Team   

    Mr A Clapham
    Mrs D Holmes

    Le Rendezvous (Cafeteria) 

    Ms K Hutton: Le Rendezvous Manager

    Work Related Learning, Study Support and One to One Tutors 

    Mrs J Ackerley: Work Related Learning Manager
    Mrs L Middleton

    Study Support Mentor
    Miss H Pattison
    One to One Tutors
    Mrs P Chisholm
    Mrs L Marsden

    Learning Support Centre 

    Mrs N Laite: Learning Support Centre Manager
    Mrs J Frith


    Mr P Shaw: Premises Co-ordinator
    Mrs L Darby

    Mr S Machon
    Mr J Harrison
    Mr J Bailey