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    The Torch

    The Torch, January/February 2019
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    January/February 2019

    These pages contain highlights from the latest issue of The Torch, Wath's student newspaper, published at the end of each half term.

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    By Emily Rodgers, Year 7

    Blue heartValentine’s Day can be an amazing day for many couples but is not only a time for romantic relationships; it is also a time for being with friends and family. Far too many people feel lost or alone on Valentine’s Day, especially if they feel like they have nobody to be with. If you are worried that someone you know feels like they are alone on Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of things you can do to show them a little love:

    • Go on a trip or have a party
    • Watch your favourite film or TV programme
    • Go out for a meal
    • Or generally just have a good time

    Even if you find yourself spending Valentine’s Day alone, don’t despair! It’s just a day, and really it’s just an excuse for shops to get money from people for cards and cheap chocolates. But if you do find yourself feeling a little blue, here are some things you can do:

    1. Concentrate on the positives

    Think about all the things you do have in your life, rather than worrying about the ‘happily ever after’ that might not have come knocking yet.

    2. Practice a little ‘self love’

    Read a book, or watch your favourite movie or take a long hot bath—whatever it is that you enjoy doing, and maybe know you don’t usually find the time for, treat yourself.

    3. Do nothing

    Yep, that’s right. Just give yourself time to simply “be”. Listen to some music and chill. Notice the little things right there in the moment and just enjoy them.

    Overall, there are many things that you can do on Valentine’s Day without a romantic partner. However you choose to spend the day, be kind to yourself and enjoy!

    Year 10 Enterprise Day

    Between 5th and 7th February, all tutor groups in Year 10 took part in an exciting Enterprise Day, which was held at Wentworth Woodhouse. The idea of the day was to generate ideas for how Wentworth Woodhouse could widen its appeal to young people, which culminated in students pitching their ideas and a group from each day being judged the winners.

    Students working in Wentworth WoodhouseOn arrival at Wentworth Woodhouse, the day started with a free tour of the country house, provided by volunteers. The aim of the tour was to give students a bit of context for the house, which they could then use when generating ideas about how to promote the house later in the day. Students learned about the way Wentworth Woodhouse was really three houses rather than one, build over a series of years. There were also some interesting facts along the way, such as the revelation that one decorative marble statue is actually worth more than the £8 million estate!

    Following the tour, students then went into their groups for the day. Their first task was to choose their roles for the day, such as Managing Director or Social Innovator. Once this decision was made, it was off into special workshops designed to hone their skills in their chosen area. For example, in the creative workshop, students were encouraged to generate ideas on cardboard of what they would enjoy to be involved in at Wentworth Woodhouse, if there were no limits or no adults around.

    Students being presented to in Wentworth WoodhouseThe next part of the day involved students sharing their expertise in order to create an interesting and practical idea for an event to bring young people to Wentworth Woodhouse. There were all kinds of interesting ideas, such as a 12-to-12 Camping Experience, a Headless Hunt and YGT (Yorkshire’s Got Talent). When students had agreed on an idea, they were next encouraged to develop promotional materials to aid their pitch, such as flyers, posters and display boards. By lunchtime, there was a wealth of artistic talent on display.

    Finally, students were involved in either pitching their ideas or providing feedback for the other groups’ pitches. Volunteers from Wentworth Woodhouse also listened to pitches and gave valuable feedback, before they gathered to confer about the winners. Individual prizes (boxes of sweets) were awarded to some students and one group per day was announced the winner. However, everyone should be praised for their willingness to engage and their excellent behaviour. A big thanks to Mr Barlow for arranging the event.

    Science Live Visit

    On 28th January, we visited Sheffield City Hall to see several high profile lecturers deliver speeches about their current research. It was a fantastic opportunity to listen to some famous scientists who are carrying out research that goes on to help improve our lives. One of our favourite lectures was given by Professor Lord Robert Winston who has spent his life researching fertility and was one of the pioneers of IVF. It was a great pleasure to listen to all of the professors, and incredibly interesting to find out about their research, for example, how the theory of time travel is possible, how we could power our homes in the future and how we should always ask questions about what is going on around us. If you get an opportunity to visit the Science Live talks in the future we would highly recommend them.