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    Comment and Opinion

    The Problem with Global Warming

    By Isobelle Fenton, Year 7

    Polar bear on melting iceWhat is global warming?

    Global warming is when gases like carbon dioxide are trapped in the atmosphere and build up until the world begins to warm.

    Why isn’t England like Florida, then?

    Because the warming isn’t like that. It doesn’t mean that the weather forecast will say ‘Highs of 35OC...’ because the warming refers to the ‘long term rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate’.

    So, what does that mean?

    Well, when you hear from Sir David Attenborough that the icebergs are melting into the ocean, rising the average sea level, that’s global warming. Just as when you take an ice cube and place it in a tray of water for an hour, the icebergs begin to melt, and the water level rises. It also means that the sun is not reflected off the ice, and away from the planet, as efficiently as it should do, which warms the sea, and then the ice which causes it to melt.

    What produces these evil gases?

    As many people know, cows produce a lot of gases (which we have bred!), but how about the damage humans have done over the years? We have burned coal, oil, and trees, buses produce an unbelievable amount of smoke and fumes. For example, if every person in South Yorkshire decided to take a bus, there would need to be around 23217 busses on the road. Would that be much better than investing more into eco-friendly vehicles? You decide.

    Top 8 Breeds of Dogs 2019

    By Alexandra Cook, Year 7

    A Staffordshire Bull TerrierThis list is for people who love dogs and would like to learn about them or someone who is about to delight in owning a dog. In my opinion, dogs are a loyal, trust- worthy species who are great companions. This list is based on the popularity of each dog, according to Crufts (a popular show on Channel 4).

    8. German Shepherd – Medium working dog that orig- inated in Germany.

    7. Border Collie – A herding and working dog that comes from the Scottish borders.

    6. Boxer – A dog that does not work and also came from Germany.

    5. Cocker Spaniel – An English gun dog.

    4. Springer Spaniel – Like the Cocker Spaniel, it is an English gun dog.

    3. Labrador Retriever – A retriever/gun dog.

    2. Cockapoo – It is a mixed breed of the Cocker Span- iel and the Poodle.

    1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffie) – The Staffie is one of the dogs people think are ‘devil dogs’. Unfortunate- ly, they were used for baiting (using one animal to fight another) so they have got a bad reputation. However, this is not true as they are people-pleasers. This means it will do whatever you want (within rea- son). In fact, it is the owner that corrupts the dog, so I am proud to say they are number one best breed 2019.

    The Royal Baby

    By Emily Rodgers, Year 7

    ArchieThe newest addition to the royal family has recently been born: Archie, the Queen’s eighth grandchild and Meagan and Harry’s first child. He was born in the early morning of the 6th of May, weighing 7lbs 3oz.

    The ceremonial easel was placed outside Buckingham Palace the day he was born, a tradition that has been carried out for years.

    There has been some controversy over Archie’s name, as people saying that it is too informal and will ruin the royal blood as he is seventh in line to the throne. Others argue that it is appropriate for a royal family bringing themselves up-to-date in the 21st century.