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    The Torch

    The Torch, May/June 2019
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    May/June 2019

    These pages contain highlights from the latest issue of The Torch, the student newspaper of Wath Academy.

    The full newspaper is available to view by selecting the cover.

    Previous editions (going all the way back to 1930) are available on the back issues page.


    By Emily Rogers, Year 7


    I strongly believe that due to the current generation's seeming addiction to technology that not enough people are taking time out of their day to take a walk and enjoy their surroundings or just simply leave our bubble of internet connection. As someone who also frequently uses the internet or technology, it sometimes seems difficult to peel yourself away from screens and do something productive.

    Getting enough exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle, something that is often discounted, instead being replaced with the ‘five a day’; this, however, is not that useful by itself. Imagine if you sat at home and gorged on carbohydrates, even though they are a large part of a balanced diet, without going out and burning off all the calories from it, you will put on more and more weight. Also, exercise can help with the digestion of food.

    Another upside of exercise is that it greatly improves mental health: not only can it make you happier, by making your brain more sensitive to hormones (such as serotonin which help with anxiety and depression), it also is proven to help with memory and thinking skills, so going on a walk can sometimes actually clear your head. It has also been linked to relaxation and sleep quality.

    In conclusion, exercise offers incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from the inside out; it also helps to increase the production of hormones that make you feel happier and help you sleep better.

    Visit from Lord Mawson

    On Tuesday 14th May, Wath Academy and the Science faculty hosted a visit from Lord Mawson. Lord Mawson came to look at Science lessons and STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). He visited a Y9, Y10 and Y13 group during the afternoon.

    Lord Mawson is involved in funding an exciting opportunity for seven Y9 students who will participate in a residential Science visit to London that incorporates many activities, visits to museums and meeting Professor Cox in the summer term.

    Well done to all the students who represented the school and spoke with Lord Mawson.

    GCSE Art Competition

    GCSE Art students have been involved in a competition to design a feature wall for South Yorkshire Money, as they have recently moved to their new premises on Wellgate in Rotherham. They had a specific brief in mind and a small group of Year 9 and 10 students submitted their ideas.

    Michelle at SY Money chose her favourite ones. Megan Hulett in Year 10 was the overall winner and she is now in the process, along with 2 other Year 10 students Olivia Storey and Rebeka Brinkus, of helping to put the design in place. Watch this space for the finished outcome in the next few weeks which will also feature on our Twitter feed: @Wath_ArtDesTech.