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The Music department at Wath Academy is focused on ensuring that all students, regardless of musical ability, have access to a range of musical opportunities to help them achieve their full potential. The key areas of listening and appraising, performance and composition are explored throughout the curriculum in order to develop student’s interests and offer new challenges. The department strives to inspire all students into enjoying, participating in and appreciating music whatever their particular tastes.

Key Stage 3

Students at Key Stage 3 have one lesson per week of Music.  The Key Stage 3 curriculum aims to motivate young students into participating in practical work using a range of instruments, understanding musical notation, learning about and experiencing different genres of music. The department uses tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, electronic keyboards and ukuleles for practical work and Sibelius, Mixcraft and Cubase for ICT work.

Students begin Year 7 by learning basic musical notation. They then go on to develop practical skills alongside the theory of music.  The broad range of activities covered in the units of work gives opportunity for students to develop their skills at their own pace as well as working in small ensembles. For the musically able, additional tasks are set to allow them to further their musical development.

Year 8 students continue the development of practical skills with the aim that everyone can compose, perform as a soloist and in an ensemble confidently and achieve their musical potential. The units of work are aimed to encourage students to work on their own ideas under the guidance of topic areas and staff.  These units include world music, composition, Popular Music, Music for Film and finally an Advertising project.

All students at Key Stage 3 are encouraged to take up an instrument for tuition or take part in the variety of extra-curricular activities offered.

Key Stage 4

Music at key stage 4 is an optional subject.   RSL Level 2 Music Practitioners is offered to all students as an option. The course is designed for students to develop their practical standards through performance, self -appraisal and ensemble skills alongside developing knowledge of different genres, presentation skills and organisation of events.  The course is a practical based course where students develop alongside their musical interests.  The course is split into units and is continually assessed.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Music department at Wath Academy aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for all students regardless of ability, to take part in.

The Rotherham Music Service, along with private instrumental tutors, teach students either individually or in small groups for the following:

  • Strings
  • Brass
  • Woodwind
  • Percussion
  • Electric guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Piano/keyboard
  • Singing

There is a charge made to parents at the start of each term.

Alongside the peripatetic lessons, the department runs a wide variety of free extra-curricular activities where students are encouraged to develop their skills in ensembles. These include:

  • School band
  • Saxophone group
  • Jazz band
  • Vocal group
  • Music tech club
  • Ukulele group
  • Recording sessions

Students do not have to have tuition in school to take part in these activities.  Students are also encouraged to form their own ensembles in friendship groups wherever possible and work on their own material.  All these have ample performance opportunities throughout the year both in school concerts, productions and competitions as well as in the wider community.


The Music department is housed in 2 classrooms on the first floor of the main school building. Each classroom contains an interactive whiteboard, a full range of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, electronic keyboards linked via MIDI to computers with both Sibelius and Cubase software. The department also has access to a complete classroom set of iPads.  In addition, the department has 2 practise rooms and a large store cupboard so that students do not have to carry instruments around school. The department also has several drum-kits, amplifiers and a selections of recording equipment which students are encouraged to use.