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How are Parents and Young People Involved?

Parents and young people are to be at the heart of what we do when supporting the learning of those with additional needs. Our aim is to successfully engage with parents and make them feel involved in the decisions we make to support students throughout their time at our school.

Parents are invited into school at least once a year at a parental consultation evening to discuss their child’s progress in all areas.  Further to this, parents can arrange to meet key staff by appointment if they have concerns. 

"We must have regard to the views, wishes and feelings of the young person, and their parents"

DfE SEN Code of Practice

Other opportunities to meet and discuss issues with school staff take place at key times in a child’s education:

  • Transition from primary school.
  • Transition between Key Stages KS3 to KS4, and KS4 to KS5.
  • Next 3 years evening.
  • Preparation for some school trips.

Students with additional needs are offered the opportunity to meet with staff within the Inclusion Faculty:

  • Parents/carers of students with an Education, Health and Care plan or students who are experiencing major difficulties within school are invited to meet with us on at least 3 occasions within the school year, when targets are set and progress towards them is discussed.  This meeting is with key staff involved in the support of the young person, either the SENCO, the inclusion staff who works closely with a student, or a key member of pastoral staff.
  • All parents/carers of students with SEND are invited into school to meet with Inclusion staff (by arrangement and on parents’ request) on at least 2 occasions: parental consultation evening and at the end of the academic year.
  • Inclusion staff are involved in other meetings in school for those students with additional needs, e.g. multi-agency meetings, LAC reviews, pastoral reviews.  Parents can request our presence at any meeting that they are invited to and, if appropriate, we will attend or send a report in lieu of attendance.

How Are Young People Involved?

All students are invited to put their views forward about how they are best supported in school. They are invited to attend any meetings to discuss their SEND and progress in school and given an opportunity to state their point of view if this is not possible or is not their wish.

If specialist services or further referrals are made, the young person’s views are always sought and their wishes considered prior to a referral being made.

If a student is deemed as requiring extra support in exams, an application for support will only be made if the young person agrees that this will be appropriate to meet their needs.