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All students in Y7-Y10 are tested in half-term 1 and half-terms 3 & 4 using GL assessment New Group Reading Test (NGRT). NGRT tests have two aspects. Sentence completion; this focuses on decoding and aspects of comprehension and passage comprehension. The latter measures an array of comprehension skills with increasing challenge. It therefore tests the ability of students to decode what they read, and also their comprehension and ability to apply what they have read.

Following the NGRT test, each student is given a Standard Age Score (SAS). The average SAS nationally is 100. A SAS score below 88 would indicate a student is below average. A student scoring above 112 would indicate they are above average. Identification of students with a score of 88 and below on the NGRT tests will trigger them receiving intervention that is planned within the academic year. All students will receive their results back in a letter to parents / carers. A ‘How to help your child’ guide has also been produced and can be found in the ‘Reading at Home’ section.

Dependent on the needs of individual students and their SAS score, we follow this up with diagnostic testing to specifically identify what the individual barriers to reading may be. Appropriate and impactful intervention can then be planned to meet the needs of these students and ensure rapid progress with their reading takes place.

All students within Y7-10 will be re-tested in half-term 3 / 4 to track their progress with SAS scores and evaluate the impact of the interventions students are receiving. NGRT testing results are tracked throughout their journey through Wath Academy.