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Parent & Community Advisory Board

In order to reflect on the areas of strength and opportunities for development within our curriculum and wider provision, we have created a Parent & Community Advisory Board (PCAB), that aims to meet once per half term, with the Senior Leadership Team here at Wath Academy. 

The PCAB has a dual purpose:

It allows parents/carers and members of the community to provide feedback to leaders on current systems, successes, and areas for development.
It is an opportunity for the Academy to provide updates to our members on the progress we are making and share early thinking about upcoming developments.

If you would like to be part of the Parent & Community Advisory Board or would like to suggest areas that our PCAB group could discuss in their upcoming meeting please email 

Meetings are scheduled for:

  • Thursday 31 March 2022
  • Wednesday 29 June 2022.

To gain an insight into the questions that our PCAB members have asked in the past and our responses please view the documents below:



                              March 2021                                                                    June 2021                                                               November 2021



                             March 2022                                                                   April 2022