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At Wath Academy, Sixth Form students are considered to be role models for younger students in many aspects – one of these being their willingness to adhere to the school’s uniform policy.

Wath Academy students must be in perfect uniform at all times, from leaving their home in the morning, until they return home. Whenever students are wearing the academy uniform, they are representing the academy. If shoes or an item of uniform is damaged and there is a slight delay in replacing it, then the academy will provide a temporary replacement. If a student refuses to wear this item they will be sent home to rectify the issue. If there is a genuine reason why a student cannot comply with the uniform rules, parents/carers should provide a letter for their child to bring to school.

The Principal will make the final decision of whether items of uniform are acceptable. If you are unsure whether or not certain items of uniform meet our uniform requirements, please check with the academy before you purchase them.

Uniform checks are carried out at the beginning of lessons as part of the daily routine and any breach of the rules will be passed onto the Sixth Form team to be followed up. The contents of this page is for guidance, our full Uniform Policy can be downloaded from our Policies page.